Gevonden in de Kupang Post

Families Near Kupang Crying Out for Water

36 households (±180 people) in Alak Kecamatan, KupangMunicipality, have to meet their daily need for water by buying tanked in water or fetching water in buckets from a stream a km away.  The latter is the method used by most, given that they do not have money to buy water.  Nor do they have the Rp.3m (±US$336) required of them by the PDAM for the installation of pipes to receive reticulated water.  Groundwater is known to be available in the area, but the villagers do not have the wherewithal to sink wells to access it.  Thus they are looking for government help. Locals are vocal about their situation. Mrs Marelina, for example, says: “We have suffered long enough. I am old, no longer able to carry water or walk a km to fetch water. So we are asking the government to help us build our own bore hole. We would happily make our land available for that purpose: the important thing is having water”.

One person who takes the water problems of Kupang’s poor seriously is local resident Daniel Cherlin.  In recent years he has sunk 5 water wells/bores in needy areas, with financial support from the village of Tynaarlo in the Netherlands and World Harvest International.  Cherlin has his own water divination equipment and, once he has established where the right water supply exits for a well/bore for people in need, he contacts his collaborators for funding.  Cherlin’s efforts are much appreciated. Take, for example, the comments of local DPRD speaker, Viktor Lerik: “I strongly support Mr Cherlin’s efforts, because his aim is to overcome water shortages experienced by the people of Kupang. I plan to go and have a look at all his wells.”